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Meet the committee


The Centurions committee is made up of volunteers who all have kids who are keen members of the club.  The club also has a number of non-committee volunteers who are the lifeblood of the club and we couldn't function without them.  We are always keen to hear from anyone interested in volunteering.

Raymond Reid

Raymond has had the privilege of chairing Centurions BMX since March 2011. In this time the club has been transformed from Cumbernauld BMX club based at the old track in Condorrat, to the thriving Centurions now based at the Broadwood facility. "It's been a rewarding journey and one that would not have been possible without club committees and committed volunteers past or present". The club continues to go from strength to strength with increased rider participation and rider development key to the future. For me personally, I only took up BMX aged 42. This was a marked change from competitive MTB and Road cycling and its allowed me to spend great time with my son and I honestly haven't looked back. We now compete nationally together... (But he's now much faster than me)


Gill Bagen
Marian Whitehouse


Fred O'Hara

Fred came to the club in 2012 as his youngest son showed an interest in BMX at the age of 5.  Fred's two sons are now keen members of the club and Fred has also been known to make an apperance on a bike on occasion.  These apperances have been more limited since his sons started getting faster than him!


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