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Racing - First time racers guide


Typical timings are:

Registration: 10:30 until 12

Racing: From 1pm onwards 


What kit do you need?


Rider Kit

All your usual kit, full face helmet, full finger gloves, long sleeve top & long pants.  If you don't have race pants we would recommend jeans rather than tracksuit bottoms as these wear through fast when sliding along a track!  You are permited to wear mountainbike style shorts but you must have hard shelled knee and shin guards.  No area of skin on your arms or legs should be exposed for your own safty.  As per BC rules pedel clips caon only be used for those racing in age catagories 13 and above.




BMX race bike with 20" wheels for normal catagories or 24" for cruisers.  Unfortunately mountain bikes cannot be used in races as the wheel sizings would potentially give riders an unfair advantage.


What can you expect on race day?

You need to register in your category either use the paper plate provided by the hosting club, bring your own number plate or buy a Centurions plate for £1.  If you have a British Cycling race licence, and are a first timer, then your number will be the last three digits of your licence. If you do not have a BC issued race licence then the hosting club will allocate a number for you for the series.

Once registered and your number plate is firmly attached,  you will be able to take to the track for practice. Once registration closes the riders and categories will be posted up. Please check that you or your rider is in the correct category. Mistakes can happen and it’s key that these are amended as soon as possible.

Moto positions will then be posted on the board. Take note of what Moto numbers and gates that you or your rider is in (Writing on the back of the hand is a good idea)

Listen out for your Moto being announced and enjoy the racing!


The full British Cycling BMX specific rules can be found here:




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