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Scottish Regional Series 2023


This years Scottish Regional BMX series will be held over 8 rounds:



Round 1    Saturday 15th April     -   Cumbernauld

Round 2    Sunday 16th April        -   Cumbernauld

Round 3    Saturday 29th April     -   Clydebank 

Round 4    Saturday 27th May      -   Clydebank

Round 5    Sunday 28th May         -   Clydebank

Round 6    Saturday 10th June      -   Cumbernauld

Round 7    Saturday 15th July       -   Clydebank

Round 8    Saturday 29th July       -   Cumbernauld 

Track Locations


Western Titans BMX Club

33 Onslow Road


G81 2XT


Cumbernauld Centurions BMX Club

Broadwood BMX Track

Broadwood Stadium

1 Ardgoil Drive


G68 9NE

Race Day Schedule

Sign in         11:00 - 12:00   (Novices only: Experts will be on auto sign-in as they go round the track 

Practice      11:00 - 12:30 

Racing         13:00 - approx. 15:30

Race Information


Entry is be pre-registration only, and will close at 23:55 2 days prior to each race.  Entry will be through the British Cycling website, and will be open 2 weeks prior to each race.  


Costs for this year are £10.00 for novices and experts.  Entry fee's are payable online only, the entry form will take you to the payment page.  If you're riding two bikes (20" and cruiser"), its £5.00 for your second bike.


For those of you new to BMX racing, we race in 2 classes, Novice and Expert.  If you've not raced before,  you'll go into the novice class for the first year of racing.

Age Groups

Riders race in the age category that they will be at the end of the year.  For example, if you are currently 10yrs old, but will turn 11 in 2023, you will race in the 11yrs age category.

Plate no.

The British Cycling entry will ask you for your plate number.  If you've ridden before, you'll  probably already have a race plate.  If not, don't worry, just enter "000" and we'll know to have a plate ready for you.  You can buy a race plate on race day for £5, and you'll get given a number for that race.  This plate and number will do you for the whole series, so just enter your new number for future races.

Side Plates

Side plates are not required for the Regional Series 


Transponders will be required for all experts at each race this year.  Transponders are available to hire from the Centurions at a cost of £5 per race with a £20 deposit.  They are also available to buy directly from Mylaps ( at £66 with a 2yr subscription.

Transponders are not required for novices.

"Riding Up"

Riders who finished either first or second in the previous years series are eligible to request to ride up to a maximum of 1 age-group above their "year of birth" category.  This can only be on the bike that you rode in the previous years category e.g. if you finished 2nd at cruiser, you can't ride up in your 20" category.  Once you've "ridden up" for one race, you cannot race back down in your standard category for the rest of the series.  Riding up will not prevent you from riding your "year of birth" category at the Brits.

Series points

Series points will be awarded for the best 6 rounds out of 8 to decide final standings at the end of the series.  To qualify for a trophy, 6 rounds must have been ridden.  Trophies are only presented to expert riders, and will be presented between practice and the first moto on the day of the Scottish Open.  A separate medal presentation for all novice riders will take place after racing on round 8.

Brits Qualification

Those riders who ride in the expert classes will be eligible to compete in this years British Championships if they compete in 5 of this years 8 regional races.  For those of you wishing to ride cruiser and 20" at the Brits, your second bike has to have been ridden in 2 rounds, and through all moto's of each round.  Dispensation for Brits qualification can be considered upon formal request to your club chairperson for the following:

1. Races have been missed due to injury or illness.  Your club chairperson should be aware of this on the day of the race

2. Competing in a Euro-round at Championship class only.  Dispensation will not be given to challenge class riders at Euro-rounds

3. If you volunteer at a race instead of riding, you will automatically be given dispensation for that round

Any Other Questions 

If you have any other questions regarding this years series, please contact your club rather than the regional Facebook page.  The 2 clubs have jointly agreed on the the details of this years series and will be able to assist you with any enquiries.

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